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  • "Invisible Cities"

    LA PRESSE TALK “This Babel Sonore is truly prodigious” JAZZ MAGAZINE “The ensemble can be visited with eyes wide open, seeking wonder at every turn…” LES INROCKS “… Farroukh's melodic writing is ingenious and lyrical, its airy, polished arrangements” JAZZ NEWS “A magical record” L'ALSACE “It's grandiose, emphatic, ecstatic. Dream Music(s) » LE…

  • “Cinema Beirut”

    LA PRESSE PARLE EN PARLE "We tell you, we repeat it, Toufic Farroukh deserves to see his name inscribed in golden letters in the firmament of jazz" L'INDÉPENDANT May 19, 2012 "A pure wonder, and we weigh our words. Hard to label... We navigate between nostalgic tangos, imperial marches, all of which...

"Invisible Cities"


"This Sound Babel is really prodigious" JAZZ MAGAZINE

"The whole can be visited with eyes wide open, begging for wonder at every turn... » THE INROCKS

« ... Farroukh's melodic writing is ingenious and lyrical, his arrangement airy, refined » JAZZ NEWS

"A magical record" ALSACE

"It's grandiose, emphatic, ecstatic. A dream music (s) » LE TARN LIBRE

"Toufic Farroukh, Lebanese jazzman of genius (he is a saxophonist), modest as true geniuses, and therefore who is not yet as well known to the general public as he deserves... » BABEL MED

"Invisible Cities is already the sixth album of the admirable and very talented Lebanese saxophonist Toufic FARROUKH... beautiful, rich and bright music. » CROSS RHYTHMS

"The diversity of inspiration gives a very beautiful moment of colorful, catchy, joyful and poetic jazz" O JAZZ

« Listening to soothing music, we find ourselves dreaming of a world in respite where we want to live. » LATINS OF JAZ