"We tell you, we repeat it to you, Toufic Farroukh deserves to see his name inscribed in golden letters in the firmament of jazz" THE INDEPENDENT May 19, 2012

"A pure wonder, and we weigh our words. Hard to label... We navigate between nostalgic tangos, imperial marches, all raised to the sounds of the Orient and a more European jazz, in the manner of a Michel Legrand plunging an orchestra of Harmony as rigorous as it is catchy in a jar with melodic flavors worthy of the Thousand and One Nights. Enough to be bewitched without resistance. ALSACE – THE COUNTRY 1 June 2012

"The composer expresses himself in the multiple richness of this universe, with an almost symphonic precision and at the same time the evidence of a talent, a desire for jazz improvisation. We are in the presence of a pure album of reconciliation, cultural intelligence, the symbolism of the arts as a brotherhood of peace and harmony. Where even melancholy never leaves joy and hope. Rarely has a jazz album been so eminently, intelligently and expressly political in the noble sense of the thing. LA SAVOIE, 31 May 2012

"After many trips, the Franco-Lebanese saxophonist and composer finally delivers his Cinema Beirut. More than a film about the city he left in 1982, his fifth album reveals above all the architecture of a surprising orchestra (brass quartet, piano and drums) where the interweaving of timbres leaves a boulevard to the travelling of emotions » VIBRATIONS April 2012

Abandoning the electro effects, he prefers the acoustic lyricism of a chubby brass section (tuba, trombone, trumpet and saxo) of a piano and a drums, inspired by film music to cultivate dramatic atmospheres, enigmatic as hell. TELERAMA 23 May 2012

When the scent of jazz mixes with the scent of the East. Because here jazz tells. And seduces, and moves. JAZZ NEWS May 2012

It spares us the heaviness of the genre, or the usual clichés of oriental fusions. Not only has the leader been able to evolve this raw material by including it in an autonomous project but he has especially adapted it to three other brass and a piano-drum pair of the most complicit ... Toufic Farroukh has this time bet on the cohesion of the whole: the result is both dense and airy. JAZZ MAG March 2012

"This Sound Babel is truly prodigious"


The whole can be visited with eyes wide open, begging for wonder at every turn... »


« ... Farroukh's melodic writing is ingenious and lyrical, his arrangement airy, refined."


"A magic record"


"It's grandiose, emphatic, ecstatic. Dream music »


"Toufic Farroukh, Lebanese jazzman of genius (he is a saxophonist), modest as true geniuses, and therefore who is not yet as well known to the general public as he deserves... »


"Invisible Cities is already the sixth album of the admirable and very talented Lebanese saxophonist Toufic FARROUKH... beautiful, rich and bright music. »


"The diversity of inspiration gives a very beautiful moment of colorful, catchy, joyful and poetic jazz"


« Listening to soothing music, we find ourselves dreaming of a world in respite where we want to live. »